A.O. Gerber – Hunger Lyrics

Hunger Lyrics By A.O. Gerber

I’ve been thinking about hunger
How I eat when I am tired
They call that transfiguration
Make me into something wild

Turn myself into your doorway
Make you think it’s soft inside
Barbeque outside my window
While the world is still on fire

Wish that I could pay attention
Write it down so I don’t speak
Be the person you imagine
Cardboard cut out of the week

But I feel st*pid for pretending
Tell myself to act my age
But in the mirror your face looks smaller
Am I the thing that needs to change?

Lonely hunger
Put me under

If I had met you in the schoolyard
When I used to own my name,
Would you still know me as a child
Full of god and free of shame?

Now I see bruises where there are none
Coverup across my cheek
I fill my basket up with groceries
That I’m too afraid to eat