A.O. Gerber – For Lyrics

For Lyrics By A.O. Gerber

Telephone on the wire
I’m awake when you call
But I’m not around

And I can feel the weight of your need
Growing lush like a tide pool
In the waning of spring

More, more, more, more

You show up covered in blush
And we laugh till we cry
Choose a color I don’t mind

Cause I can see the light where you can’t
Say you’re counting your days
Did I take it the wrong way?

Or? Or? Or? Or?

Speeding west on I-10
I can see the horizon
Think you found the wound in my chest
Two hands on it

But I see your right arm
Painted in a spiral
Something you will always regret
Bleeding for

For, for, for, for

Tell you I’d come if I could
But I’m doing my hair
With an ear full of metal

So who am I trying to save?
Is it you from yourself
Or is it me from the heartache?