5 Tips You Need To Know Before Making A Collarbone Tattoo

5 tips you need to understand before making a collarbone tattoo

As tattoo lovers, there are no limitations to where we want to ink a piece of art on our skins as tattoos are more popular than ever before and the era they were perceived as demonic or less of fashionable body art is far gone.

Are you planning to get a collarbone tattoo? Be sure to know that getting collarbone tattoos demand a certain level of pain tolerance because these spots sit just on top of the clavicle aka the bone that connects the sternum (breastbone) and the scapula (shoulder bone).

The collarbone is a very specific and interesting place to get a tattoo. It provides a specific contour that can be enhanced by tattoos while giving them this fantastic look.

Getting a tattoo inked on your collarbone is no doubt quite painful and the decision not an easy one because of the bony nature of this area, but in the end, the pain would be worth it when you see the final result as the outcome usually turn out extremely attractive, which makes all the effort truly worth it.

Many tattoo enthusiasts believe that the closer the skin is to the bone, the more pain you feel when you get that site inked. However, that fact won’t stop tattoo lovers from getting this most coveted ink.

Tattoo placement is a particularly important consideration that brings to mind, factors like pain and visibility; this is dependent on where the tattoo is inked on the body.


Are you seriously considering getting yourself a collarbone tattoo, especially since you saw it on one or more of your favorite celebrities? Then the collarbone is one location you need to think carefully about.

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5 tips you need to apprehend before making a collarbone tattoo

  • 1. Attention

Usually, you want anything inked on your body to show and also easily noticed by others. Therefore, it is not unlikely that may be the exact reason you want a collarbone tattoo. This is because it will easily catch peoples’ attention and draw their eyes, especially when it is bogusly drawn. Because of the attention attached to the collarbone tattoo, you can expect to have the same conversation over and over again.

If you are one who will likely feel uneasy about being scrutinized, then this might be worth serious consideration.
Having a collarbone tattoo doesn’t give a passer-by license to look, but then, you’ll have no control over people seeing and commenting on your tattoo. Importantly, just be ready and comfortable with the attention it will draw to you.

  • 2. Design

Before inking that design on your skin, consider that area of your body and think carefully about how to fit a design that will sit gracefully around it. Indeed, everyone’s body is different as the bones in the collar area may protrude or may not, depending on each individual’s body aesthetics.

Because the design is like the composition of artwork on canvas, the layout of the foreground plays a major role in the overall aesthetic. It’s important to use the space effectively to maximize the look of the tattoo, the same rule applies to a collarbone tattoo.
There’s no real limit to the designs available. The common examples include wording, floral, numbers, and feather-shaped designs that follow the line of the bone.

  • 3. Placement
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Once you have decided on getting yourself a collarbone tattoo, you must think about the exact placement of it as many opt for tattoos on the bone, under the bone, or above it. Just so you know, inking a tattoo on the bone is likely to feel most uncomfortable.

Therefore, consider extending the tattoo into other areas like your chest, shoulder, or neckline. Your chosen design will play a large part in what makes the most sense to you. Before finally settling for the ultimate placement of your tattoo, try outlining the tattoo in pen onto the different parts. Take photos of each and assess which one looks best for you. Doing so will guarantee you’ll like the actual finished article.

  • 4. Pain

So, in getting a tattoo regardless of where it will be inked, pain is the primary concern for most people, especially those getting their first tattoo.

Tattoos aren’t as painful as you might assume them to be. If they were, then not half as many people would get them. But some locations on your body are definitely more painful than others, e.g, getting a tattoo on your knees, ankles, ribcages, and collarbones will be more painful than others.

If you have a low pain threshold, then reconsider your choice of having a collarbone tattoo because the worst thing that could happen is to get halfway through and have to stop. this might result in having a half-finished tattoo for everyone to see and comment on for the rest of your life!

  • 5. Visibility

So, one of the primary concerns for people getting tattoos is visibility. Someone with more tattoos is unlikely to be bothered about hiding his/her latest addition and would be less bothered by the attention that comes with it.

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However, other people might not want their tattoos on display at all times. After all, tattoos often have personal significance and you wouldn’t go around sharing your secrets with everyone.